Box Guide

What is the difference between 200 lb. test and 32 ECT boxes?
UPS Strength Guidelines

Stop costly returns due to shipping damage. Cheaper boxes may not survive the hazards of everyday shipping and handling.

  • Uline and UPS recommend 200 lb. test boxes, which provide more strength and protection than 32 ECT boxes – a budget-friendly alternative for lightweight shipments.
  • Uline 200 lb. test boxes are made with heavier paper and have 60% greater bursting strength than 32 ECT boxes.
  • Greater bursting strength means fewer crushed and damaged boxes during shipping.
  • Uline refuses to sacrifice the quality of our boxes.
Look at the box certificate stamp to identify your box
Uline 32 ECT Box Certificate Uline 200LB Box Certificate
What kind of box do I need?
32 ETC Test Boxes
32 ECT
For lightweight
200 lb. Test Boxes
200 lb. Test
For everyday
shipping purposes.
275 lb. Test Boxes
275 lb. Test
38% stronger than
200 lb. test boxes.
275 lb. Test Double Wall Boxes
275 lb. Test
Double Wall
When extra stacking
strength is necessary.
Bulk Cargo Boxes
Bulk Cargo
Ship bulky,
heavy items.
Telescopic Boxes
2-piece design.
Long Boxes
Long flaps make it
easy to load.
Tall Boxes
Short flaps make it
easy to close.
FOL Boxes
Full-overlap flaps for
extra strength.
Multi-Depth Boxes
Cut down to the size
you need.
How to Measure a Box
  1. Listed dimensions are always inside dimensions.
  2. The first dimension is length. Length is always the longest side of the box that has a flap.
  3. The next dimension is width. The width side also has a flap but is always the side shorter than the length.
  4. Height is the only dimension without a flap. Height measurements do not include flaps.

NOTE: Acceptable manufacturing variance is +/- 1/8".

Standard Box
Standard Box
Standard Box
L x W x H
S-4235 16 x 12 x 8"
Long Box
Standard Box
Long Box
L x W x H
S-4116 12 x 4 x 4"
Tall Box
Standard Box
Tall Box
L x W x H
S-4481 4 x 4 x 12"
Helpful Hints

To ship via UPS or FedEx®, surround each item with 2" of packing material and place each item 2" away from the walls of the box.

To ship via USPS, surround each item with packing materials until items are no longer moving around in the box.

Cubic Volume Calculator
UPS Strength Guidelines

Cubic Inches:
L" x W" x H"

Cubic Feet (from inches):
(L" x W" x H")/1,728

Dimensional Weight
UPS Strength Guidelines

L x W x H


Enter outside box dimensions
(in decimals, not fractions)
to calculate DIM weight

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