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2020 was a strange and unpredictable year. For many, dusting off board games, reinstating family dinners and converting storage closets into home offices became the new reality. Many of us spent more time in our pajamas than ever before.

COVID made WFH a familiar acronym, and there's a good chance someone in your "bubble" spent time working from their sofa.

Work from Home was the only appealing part of early pandemic life.

  • Commuting from the bedroom to the "board
    room" was quicker.
  • Time spent in the car was traded for a better
    work-life balance.

As Zoom fatigue set in and productivity declined, the loss of personal connection to the team and company culture became evident.

Humans Are Social Creatures

  • Zoom meetings can't replace face-to-face interactions.
  • "Pick up and dial" will never replace "stop by and chat."
  • Mental health challenges increased due to social isolation.

We Hit Pause on Collaboration and Innovation

  • Impromptu conversations are often the launch pad for new ideas.
  • What innovation fell through the cracks of the sofa?

Professional Development Stalled

  • Disengaged employees are more likely to blend into the crowd as they don't receive the support they need.
Working From Home in Pajamas
  • Leading by "walking around" and face-to-face
    check-ins are important for relationship building and trust development.
  • These are significantly harder to maintain in a virtual environment.

The world got a taste of what life is like working remotely, and many had an allergic reaction. For those still advocating, be careful what you wish for:

  • For Employees – Jobs that can be worked remotely are subject to more competition. Are you prepared to compete with the best of the best across the country?
  • For Employers – Have you established a strong
    enough community and culture to
    retain your talent? Flight risk might
    be the buzzword of 2021.

Working from Home may offer
convenience, but at Uline we know
we're better together than apart.

- Karam Lal
  Canada Branch Manager

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