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The recent impact that commodity prices have had on our national economy is unsettling. The deal with Iran and the Saudis' willingness to pump oil for market share makes it difficult for Canadian oil producers to remain competitive in the market.

Since we can no longer rely on the commodity sector as a source of strong economic growth, we need to shift our focus toward other industries to strengthen the economy.

Canada used to be a contributor to leading technologies in aerospace, telecommunication and biotech, but eventually companies like BlackBerry, Bombardier and Nortel Networks struggled to innovate among global competition.

  • Companies need to foster a culture of innovation and continuous reinvention to remain relevant.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Canadian emigrants are ages 20-44 and more than half have a university degree.
  • This "brain drain" happened once before in the late 1990s, and we should learn from it.
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  • Retaining talent is a key component of sustained success and the foundation of industry-leading organizations.

Lower exchange rates are creating new opportunities in Canada – tourism, film, manufacturing and exports are all beneficiaries of a weak Canadian dollar.

It's time for Canadian entrepreneurs to take advantage and
spark the next wave of innovative international players.

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