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Whether we like it or not, everyone has been affected by Amazon. However, this is the first year we've felt that Amazon was in Uline's lair. Previously, we viewed them more as a consumer-oriented company.

The Pros of Amazon:

  • Expect free shipping and fast delivery for Prime members.
  • Broad, vast spectrum of products easily available.
  • Very convenient online and mobile shopping.

The Downside:

  • Amazon "put the frosting on the cake" on an already troubled retail industry. Many companies have gone out of business, and there are more to follow.
  • Many jobs will be lost in this disruption.
  • Spot buys. Businesses can now "spot buy" everything from office supplies to light bulbs.

The Uline Advantage:

  • There are no 3rd party vendors. Everything comes from a Uline warehouse except for a few drop-ship, heavy items.
  • Order by 6 PM and we ship same day from one of our 11 distribution centers across North America.
  • Call and talk immediately to a live customer service rep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or use our highly-rated website.
  • Uline is dedicated to providing quality products.
Business Signs - The Year of Amazon.

Thankfully our customers come back and back. Our customer service combined with our quality products sets us apart.

Years ago it seemed that Walmart was going to take over the country. It didn't...Interestingly enough, Walmart and Amazon are now engaged in a ferocious

fight for market share of ever-increasing online shopping.

Competition makes all of us sharper. From the economy and politics to healthcare, these are not dull times. Wish I had a crystal ball for the next year.

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