About Us

We celebrated 15 years of operating in Canada in
March of 2023. What an incredible feat – one that
would not be possible without a dedicated local team
and support from our Corporate HQ in Wisconsin.

As the first employee in Toronto, I have had the
pleasure of bringing in top-tier talent that has grown
with Uline. We celebrated so many 15-year employees
this year. Identifying individuals of this caliber has
become increasingly challenging.

Many employers create an environment where
responsibility and pay are closely correlated to a
person's title. This is often at their own detriment, as folks
will bounce from company to company to chase a title
and larger pay.

  • Loyalty is a two-way street, and we should
    not expect it from our employees if we are not
    committed to their growth and development – both
    financially and in terms of role, responsibility and
    fulfillment at work.

At Uline, titles create structure but rarely speak to the
importance of the role. We check our ego at the door
and emphasize the value each employee brings to the
. It feels good knowing success here is not
tied to a title.

When I ask the 15-year employees what has kept them
at Uline, they speak about the people, the growth,
the responsibility and the pride of being owners of their
functions or business units

  • With tenure comes a great level of respect and
    decision making. We lean on these valued team
    members for their expertise at all levels of the
    organization, including executive leadership.
  • These employees are responsible for carrying
    forward the culture and often influencing without
    authority. They are true stewards of the organization.
  • Their value far exceeds their title, and, as an
    organization, we try to reciprocate that commitment.

A fancy title looks great for a computer algorithm
sorting through busy job boards. However, it means
little if you have found a home with
a company that values what you
bring each and every day.

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