Moving Tips

  • Wrap items individually in newsprint sheets or bubble wrap.
  • Place a layer of cushioning at the bottom of each box.
  • Pack cartons firmly, with heavy items in the bottom and lighter items at the top.
  • Fill in empty spaces with cushioning to prevent shifting in transit. Top off cartons with wadded paper.
  • Don't overload boxes - limit carton weight to about 50 lbs. If you can't lift the carton easily, it's too heavy.
  • Put heavy items in small boxes so they are easier to carry.
  • Pack one room at a time, and pack similar items together.
  • Secure all box seams with at least 4" of sealing tape.
  • Label each box on the top and on the side with a description of the contents and which room the box belongs to. Label boxes containing breakables as "Fragile."
  • Mark cartons you want to unpack first at your destination.

How do I Pack….


Lay books flat inside the box and alternate bindings to prevent spine damage.Only use small boxes for books - they get heavy very quickly. Use small paperbacks to fill in the sides of the box if there is extra space
Suggested Materials: Packing Boxes, Small or Medium.


Move clothing on hangers straight from your closet into the wardrobe boxes. Shoes can be packed in the bottom. Clothing in drawers can be packed in Flat Wardrobe Boxes.
Suggested Materials: Wardrobe and Packing Boxes.


Individually wrap breakable items in bubble wrap or blank, inkless newsprint sheets. Put layers of cushioning between each plate and bowl. Fill the top with crumpled blank, inkless newsprint. (Using printed newspapers could leave ink on your china.) Use partitions and pads to separate delicate items and protect your glassware and china.
Suggested Materials: Dish and Glass Pack Boxes, Newsprint, Bubble Wrap.


Since electronics and small appliances can be heavy, be sure to tape the bottom of the box securely. Put down a layer of newsprint for padding, and wrap the equipment in bubble wrap. Before moving televisions and other electronics, tape control panels closed and use Cable Ties or tape to bundle the cords.
Suggested Materials: Electronics boxes, Newsprint, Bubble Wrap.

Mirrors and Art

Pack mirrors and large artwork with four-piece telescopic boxes that prevent breakage. For smaller artwork, place a layer of newsprint in the bottom of a box and add packing material (paper or peanuts) in the sides, between the items, and on the top of the box.
Suggested Materials: Art/Mirror Boxes, Cushioning, Bubble Wrap.


Always box lampshades separately with plenty of bubble wrap or blank, inkless newsprint sheets. Before packing the lamp, remove the harp and light bulb assembly. Pack lamps in an upright position when possible.
Suggested Materials: Lamp Boxes, Newsprint, Bubble Wrap.


If you can disassemble any furniture to make the move easier, be sure to put the hardware into clearly labeled reclosable bags. Hardwood dollies make moving heavy furniture easier. When transporting and loading, wrap furniture in moving blankets to protect from scratches and scuff marks.
Suggested Materials: Hardwood Dollies, Moving Blankets.

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