3M Office Tape

3M Office Tape

Office Tape

Crystal Clear Tape:
Light duty packaging or general office use.

  • 3M 001

    Acid free, photo safe. Self-dispenser included.

  • 3M 600

    Highly transparent.

  • 3M 605

    Excellent in cold temperatures.

  • 3M 665

    Permanent double-sided adhesive.

  • 3M 667

    Removable double-sided adhesive.

  • 3M 681

    Versatile. Resists cracking over time.

  • 3M 810

    Invisible on paper. Frosty finish.

  • 3M 811

    Superior for metal, film, and glass.

  • 3M 5910

    Utility grade.

  • 3M 6200

    General purpose. Matte finish.

Colored Tape:
Light duty packaging and color coding.

  • 3M 690

    Color coding and bag sealing.

3M Command Hooks
and Strips

Command Hooks and Strips

3M Command Picture Hanging Strips

Command Picture Frame Landing Strips

  • 3M 17202

    Command Picture Hanging Strips - Small.

  • 3M 17204

    Command Picture Hanging Strips - Medium.

  • 3M 17206

    Command Picture Hanging Strips - Large.

3M Cellophane Tape

Cellophane Tape

  • 3M 610

    High tack for instant bonds at temperatures up to 300º F. Clear.

3M Low Tack Paper Tape

Low Tack Paper Tape

  • 3M 695

    Repositionable labeling tape in a convenient dispenser box.

  • 3M 3051

    Repositionable. Use in studios for artwork assembly and layouts.

3M Bookbinding Tape

Bookbinding Tape

  • 3M 845

    Repairs, reinforces and protects books, magazines, record album jackets.

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