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Tape Usage By Trade
Advertising Metalized Mylar Retail displays.
Art, Antiques, Crafts  
Art, Antiques, Crafts Artist 3M 256 Masking 3M 3051 Low Tack Paper 3M 230 Drafting Artwork assembly and layouts.
Aviation and Aerospace  
Aviation and Aerospace 3M 398FR Glass Cloth Seals cargo bay panels.
Boating / Maritime  
Boating / Maritime 3M 481 Preservation 3M 4811 Preservation Hull Holds and seals shrink wrap, poly tarps.
Building / Construction
Uline Carpet Protection Protects floors, carpets, cabinets, glass, countertops and building materials during construction or remodeling.
Glass Protection
Hard Surface Protection
Cabinet Protection
Countertop Protection
3M Carpet Protection
3M 4412N Extreme Sealing
3M 838 Weather Resistant Film
3M PF5422 Weatherban Ribbon Sealant
3M 8067 All Weather Flashing
3M 8087 Construction Seaming  
Barricade Temporary hazard marking.
3M 385DC Drywall Seam drywall joints, repair cracks or patch holes.
3M 5354 Repair foggy windows.
3M 5903 Protect window and door frames.
Electrical Uline Electrical Silicone Self Fusing 3M 33+ Electrical 3M Super 88 Electrical 3M 35 Electrical 3M 2155 Rubber Splicing 3M 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical 3M 1700 Electrical 3M 2520 Cambric Electrical 3M 27 Glass Cloth Electrical 3M 69 Glass Cloth Electrical 3M 130C Linerless Electrical 3M 2228 Rubber Mastic 3M 1755 Cotton Friction 3M 50 All-Weather Corrosion Protection 3M 3615 Glass Cloth Splice and insulate wires.
Electronics 3M Anti-Static Copper 3M 5413 Polyimide Film 3M 5419 Low Static Polyimide Film Protects sensitive electronics.
Entertainment and
Public Relations
Entertainment and Public Relations Gaffer's 3M 6910 Gaffer's Cable Path Holds down cables at conferences, trade shows, etc.
Hardware / Paint  
Hardware / Paint Green PET Painter's Masking Powder Coat Painting
Heating and Air Conditioning  
Heating and Air Conditioning Uline Aluminum Foil Foil Butyl 3M 425 Aluminum Foil 3M 361 Glass Cloth Seal ducts.
3M 610 Cellophane Film High temperature splicing.
3M 650 Red Cellophane  
3M Bumpons Protect and stabilize appliances and electronics.
3M 394 Vent Insulation.
3M 3294 Vent  
Double Sided Carpet Holds carpet down.
PTFE Film Anti-stick to wrap parts.
3M 685 Riveters Riveting trailers and industrial equipment.
3M 695 Riveters  
3M 900 Recyclable Double Sided Splicing Splicing coated or uncoated papers.
3M 913 Repulpable Double-Sided Splicing
3M 405 Repulpable Double-Sided Splicing
3M 500 Impact Stripping Protect glass or wood during sandblasting and engraving.
3M 528 Impact Stripping
3M 1322 Autoclave Indicates when sterilized.
3M 8884 Stretchable Tightly bundle products.
3M 8886 Stretchable Bundle heavier loads.
3M 481 Preservation Holds and seals covers on equipment.
3M 616 Lithographer's Blocks light and reduces reflection.
3M Bumpons Protect and stabilize cabinet doors, appliances and electronics.
3M 610 Cellophane High temperature splicing.
3M 900 Recyclable Double Sided Splicing  
3M 583 Bonding Film Used for nameplate industry.
Uline Crystal Clear General use.
3M Crystal Clear  
3M 658 Post-It® Labeling & Cover Up  
3M 695 Post-It® Labeling Repositionable for shelves or bins.
3M Bumpons Protect/stabilize cabinet doors, appliances, etc.
3M 583 Bonding Film Used for nameplates.
Lint Rollers Remove pet hair, dust and sweater fuzz.
Packaging Fiberglass Coated with Teflon PTFE Bags Measurement 3M 7800 Photoelectric Scanning 3M Carton Sealing 3M Packaging Packaging materials.
3M 568 Positionable Mounting Adhesive Mount photos.
3M 001 Photo & Document Scrapbooking
3M 235 Photographic Blocks light and reduces reflection.
3M 8421 Photo Splicing
3M 616 Lithographer's  
Plumbing Thread Sealing 3M 48 Thread Sealant Seal pipe connections.
Printing, Graphics, & Publishing  
Printing, Graphics and Publishing
3M 900 Recycable Double Sided Splicing Splicing coated or uncoated papers.
Chart Create thin lines on charts.
3M 845 Bookbinding Repair, reinforce and protect books.
Metalized Mylar Retail displays.
3M 8310 Carrying Handles
3M 8315 Carrying Handles
3M 8320 Carrying Handles
3M 8330 Carrying Handles
Carrying handles for light packages.
3M 220 Safety-Walk™
3M 310 Safety-Walk™
3M 370 Safety-Walk™
3M 510 Safety-Walk™
3M 610 Safety-Walk™
3M 710 Safety-Walk™
3M 7635NA Safety-Walk™
3M 7753 Safety-Walk™
Prevent slipping or falling.
3M 03456C
3M 983
Increase nighttime visibility.
3M 7610 Increase visibility of safety equipment.
3M A270ES
3M A271ES
Increase safety for pedestrians and vehicles.
Security / Fire / Rescue Barricade Flagging 3M 300 Barricade 3M 301 Barricade 3M 302 Barricade 3M 303 Barricade Temporary hazard marking.
Textile / Fabrics 3M 3650 Glass Cloth-Thermosetable Splice textiles.
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