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•   Art must be Black & White, color separated
•   Art must be to scale
•   Art must be a minimum of 300 dpi
•   Artwork submitted via e-mail or disk should be saved in one of the following formats:
     -  .EPS
     -  .TIF
•   If your art has words or letters, include the fonts with the artwork since we may not have your desired font type.
Submission Method

Choose one of the following methods below to submit your artwork. Send your artwork after completing the checkout process.

Be sure to reference your Order Number in any correspondence.

•  Submit art via upload.

•  Submit art via e-mail to customdepartment@uline.ca.

•  Submit art via mail:

    Attn: Custom Department
    2200 S. Lakeside Drive
    Waukegan, IL 60085

•  Fax artwork to 847-473-2635.

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